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RIS server won't finish saving Riprep image

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  • RIS server won't finish saving Riprep image

    I am using a Win2K3 RIS Server (it's also the DHCP/DNS/WINS/PDC) for a test domain. I have flat images of Win2k and WinXP. When I network boot a flat image the installation goes flawlessly. But I have been trying to create a full installation XP image using riprep.exe. I have added the oem drivers to the installation for the NIC as shown in KB254078 and am trying to riprep the image over to the server. Everything copies fine until it starts to create the templates folder which holds the, ntldr,riprep.sif, etc... it stops and says "the network location could not be reached". I am running riprep from a client computer logged on as domain administrator, done exactly as stated in KB254078.

    Is this a permission thing? An AD thing? I can't find any documentation on this from Microsoft... just wondering if anyone has run into this before.


    Tim Fort