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Can't join Win 2003 domain with Win XP machines

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  • Can't join Win 2003 domain with Win XP machines

    I keep getting the following error when trying to connect a Win XP machine to a New install of Win 2003 Server:

    The following error occured when DNS was queried for the service location (SRV) resource record used to locate the domain controller for domain mydomain.

    The error was "This operation returned because the time out period expired" (error code 0x000005B4 error timeout).

    The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.mydomain

    I just built the server and precisely followed the instructions on this website and AD seems to be funtioning properly. Dynamic updates is on and nslookup resolves as well.[/i]

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    On the WinXP machine, make sure it's using your 2003 server as the Primary DNS server. If it is, try going into the Advanced properties in TCP/IP, DNS tab, Enable 'use the following suffixes in order' and add a suffix for your domain.


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      Hi Ronen,

      Run the dcdiag on the the 2003 DC. and check the status of the DNS test. The dcdiag.exe comes with 2000 server resource kit. but in 2003 the cmd might be available



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        The problem was in the clients. I reloaded Win XP and the was able to join without any problems. Can't say for sure what the problem was but I think it had something to do with a "Bridge" that someone setup in Network Connections. It seems that it kept looking for a name server address that was not on the local subnet. Go figure.


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          re-installing is not a good option, ofcouse if you have enough time to debug it more.



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            Re: Can't join Win 2003 domain with Win XP machines

            did u setup reverse lookup zone? if reverse lookup zone is not configured properly then the nameserver doesn't get resolved.


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              DNS resolving names

              I ran into something similar earlier on, and resinstalled the server (the long way around) figuring I didn't configure the DNS server correctly. I don't know if that was the issue, but this time I made the step of JUST joining the domain and nothing else.

              System properties>computer name (tab)>change>new domain name.
              I then was able to long in just fine. I had been trying to add the user to a different domin and skipping this step.

              When I browse in file explorer I see the computers name correctly, but if I ping an ip address it doesn't resolve. If 192.168.x.x = servername and you ping 192.168.x.x, shouldn't it say pinging 192.168.x.x (servername)?
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                Re: Can't join Win 2003 domain with Win XP machines

                The thread is almost 3 years old.
                Please create you're own one.

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                  Re: Can't join Win 2003 domain with Win XP machines

                  Can't see any questions so I will just lock it instead.
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