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Automatically connecting XP clients to TS server (Was:Need some advise)

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  • Automatically connecting XP clients to TS server (Was:Need some advise)

    I need some help. I've been having trouble setting this up. This is my setup:

    Windows 2003 w/ Terminal Services installed
    Windows XP Embedded SP1 (Thin Client) with very limited rights on it

    What I'm trying to accomplish is once the Windows XP computer user logs in, it should automatically connect to using remote desktop with the login information already saved to the Terminal Server and when the user disconnects from RDP it should automatically log off. I managed to do this using replace user profile GPO but it was really spotty. Sometimes the RDP connection would not launch when I login. I tried creating a local RDP file with the info save and it works. What ends up happening is the profile gets refresh everytime the settings disappear. If I login as administrator on the local computer the settings remain. Whenever I try to lock down some of desktop settings and continue to do the minimal GPO settings the profile somehow resets when I login as admin or restart the computer. Is there a default policy that is reseting the users profile without giving the limited user to much access on the computer? Also, I am updating the policy as I make changes along the way. It seems like the local user needs more rights on the computer which I'm trying to avoid.

    Is there another solution such as creating a startup or login script to accomplish what I would like to do? I tried creating a local rdp connection save it on the root drive but the password would never hold when I open the shortcut. If I login as the admin it works. I gave full permission to that file but it's not working. When I save it on desktop of the users profile it works but after rebooting or logging off it disappears. Or upgrading this to SP2 will fix it? Any advise?

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    Re: Need some advise

    My advise is to read the rules on posting with an appropriate title. (See section 3)
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