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system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

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  • system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

    Hi All,

    We got 2 DCs with Windows 2003 SP2 installed with single domain. We have set up DFSR for file replcation. Till last week or so everything was fine. But suddenly one morning we were not able to access any resources on of the DCs. When i checked the event log i could find the following error:

    The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty.

    After i restarted this DC everything was back to normal. But again yesterday night we faced the same issue and again i found the same error given above. I checked the net for some solution to this problem. It was recommened to check with poolmon.exe utility. Also other way recommned was to check up processes in task manager with VM size option which i did. The process which i found out is dfsr.exe which is constantly using up the memory as well as VM. The size keeps on increasing. So the cuplrit seems to be dfsr.exe. Once i kill it everything seems to be back to normal.

    I did not find anything on the net for dfsr.exe and the above problem.

    All our servers are installed with latest patches from Microsoft. And also AV and anti-spyware are running on them. windows Firewall is also enabled.

    Please help me out with this issue. Any clues ?

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    Re: system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

    Perhaps it is a new issue exclusive to Win2k3 SP2.

    Windows has finite pools of paged and non-paged memory allocation. When an application does not play nice with the pools, a shortage occurs resulting in the error you are seeing. The good news is that it sounds like you have identified the culprit process.

    What has poolmon told you? It sounds like a leak in dfsr.exe
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      Re: system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

      Yes seems to be leak in DFSR.EXE file. There is nothing on the net about this.

      Also i seem to be getting these errors:

      Windows saved user domain\user registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.

      Can this be the problem ?


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        Re: system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

        Hi. The problem still continues. Just to check memory leak i used the MEMTRIAGE to [CENTER][LEFT][CENTER]monitor the processes consuming memory. It clearly shows that DFSR is exausting the memory.

        Below is the output:

        == Per Process ========================================
        Name Inc-Trend Object Change Start End Percent Rate/hour
        services.exe Always PagedPoolKByte 26 231 257 11 95
        services.exe Always VirtualKByte 13376 119740 133116 11 48896
        MEMTRIAGE.EXE Sometime VirtualKByte 1164 12724 13888 9 4255
        dfsr.exe Always VirtualKByte 105928 157964 263892 67 387221
        taskmgr.exe Always User 1 99 100 1 3
        taskmgr.exe Always Gdi 2 114 116 1 7

        PLEASE HELP !!
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          Re: system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

          we are also seeing this issue . . . . and we don't have DFSR scheduled to run during the day

          was there any resolution?

          dkon in Los Angeles


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            Re: system nonpaged pool problem. please help !!

            Hi dkon,
            running Poolmon.exe might help tie down the problem application or service for you.
            Unless you mean by posting here that you believe the problem to be with DFSR.

            If not this might deserve a new thread to itself.
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