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user getting locked out

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  • user getting locked out

    I have another domain admin here and his acccount gets periodically locked out (once in a while).

    now this usually happens when he is already logged in and working.

    besides, another user trying to hack the domain admin account,

    are there any other reasons why a users account would be locked out if

    a.) the user is already logged in

    b.) the user account has 24 hr /7 days access

    c.) account is set to never expire

    the domain is windows 2000. User is using windows XP client with sp1

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    Make sure he has no network drives mapped using his old cached credentials.
    Guy Teverovsky
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      He does have a drive mapping that goes to the older file server. Which is now a member of the domain but it is NT4.0

      also to another server that is NT4.0 but not on the domain.

      will this affect his user account being locked out? he can access those servers.


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        check to see if the other account has been used to configure a serivce account?

        it could also be that a job (file transfer, get anti-virus updates from the internet) that requires domain authentication is using old credentials.