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  • Backup Domain Controller

    Hi, we have 1 Primary Domain Controller running Active Directory, we have also set up additional Backup Domain Controller running Active Directory. The replication between the two servers works fine. The question is, if the Primary Domain Controller fails, will the backup domain controller take over automatically? or will we need to promote the backup domain controller to the primary domain controller?

    Thank You

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    Re: Backup Domain Controller

    In Windows 2000 Server and above, there ARE NO "Primary" and "Backup" domain controllers. There are only Domain Controllers. ALL have a writeable copy of the database, and assuming you have a single site, they will share the load of servicing logons.

    Therefore, your question is meaningless.

    HOWEVER; you MAY need, if the first server fails, to "Sieze" the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles. These are:

    1. PDC Emulator - for legacy compatibility and "Urgent" replications (account lockouts, password changes etc)

    2. Schema Master - carries the writeable copy of the Forest Schema

    3. RID Master - issues blocks of RIDs to Domain Controllers

    4. Infrastructure Master - keeps a hold on cross-domain referencing.

    5. Domain Naming Master - controls Domain Naming in the forest; denies duplicate names etc.

    Also, make sure that the second DC is a Global Catalog server - you can have as many as you like but you must have ONE.

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      Re: Backup Domain Controller

      Follow the above screen shotted documentation by Daniel it will be easy for you.

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        Re: Backup Domain Controller

        I just want to note that you shouldn't go running to seize the FSMO roles right away. If you're able to restore the failed server, then seizing is unnecessary. Only when you know it won't be restored should you seize the roles.

        Check out these threads for a more thorough discussion

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          Re: Backup Domain Controller

          Hi there,
          there is no such thing like PDC or BDC in windows 2003 Active directory environment. Either the windows 2003 machine DC (domain controller) or member server. The Microsoft recomend that we must have at least 2 domain controller in win 2003 environment. If you got two domain controller. Just in case if your one DC is down, 2nd took over automatically
          have fun m8


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            Re: Backup Domain Controller

            I think that was covered on April 9th, but thank you just the same for your assistance and willingness to help others
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