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Problem with Offline files on W2k3

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  • Problem with Offline files on W2k3


    I have a problem, I don't understand it.

    I created share on file server Users On this folder I applied permissions Creator owner all permissions.
    Then in AD i created user folder \\server\users$\%username%

    So if I check folder Users$ i see new folder is created - name of the folder is name of the user - USER

    When I chcek permission for this folder I see that user has all persmissions.
    But in users folder none. So that is good, because he can not access other users folders.

    But, when I try to create offline files for this folder following error appears:
    1. Unable to make 'USER' available offline on \\server\users$\ access denied.

    If I create folder insider USER folder and try to make it offline
    2. Unable to make 'New folder' available offline on \\server\users$\USER. Access is denied.

    So it seems that offline files are checkin permisssions in Users$ folder insted of USER, because this user has all permissions on it.

    Can anyone please help me with this?
    I checked MS site about offline folders but this problem is not covered.

    I mean, I could have set this file server wrong with this setting? E: drive folder Users$ creator owner and then when folder is created all permissions?
    Do you have better suggestion? Is that a proper way to create user folders?

    I hope someone can help