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Disjoining the AD Domain

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  • Disjoining the AD Domain


    I have a very simple question for ANYBODY who can help.

    My sister brought home her Laptop from work on which it is joined to the company domain. I reconfigured the network card properties so it could become a part of her home workgroup network which would allow her to transfer some files so that she could work from home on her desktop but when I rebooted it didn't allow us to log in as it said the password is invalid.

    What did I do wrong and how do I get back in to change the properties of the network card back to the original domain settings ?

    Thanks in advance

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    well because you changed the laptop to a Workgroup, that means in order to log in, she'll need a local user account, which would mean you'll need to log into the laptop as Local Admin (which you wouldn't have the password for as it's a company laptop) and create a user account for her.

    IF you manage to create it, she should then be able to connect to your PC at home (Providing you've configured the NIC correctly).

    You won't be able to join her to her company domain again since the laptop will need to be connected to the company's network and you'll need to provide the Domain Admin password.

    bottom line - Why not just burn a CD with the files and have her copy it that way?