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DNS Internet Configuration:

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  • DNS Internet Configuration:

    I have a dedicated server with two internet domains.
    Currently I have an external DNS server, from
    How can I configure my own NS server, so that I can use my own DNS server, with any subdomains I wish to configure.

    I know how to install the DNS server in my server, but I have a problem configuring the DNS in ISOC. In order to configure the DNS for my domains to be in my server, I need to have a hostname for my server, which of course I don't have (or at least I don't know about...).

    Thank's ahead,
    Effy Teva,

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    have fun trying to find decent info online that is 'advanced' enough to point out what each record you add is for, etc.. I just 'finished' adding a DNS on 2003 server and what a pain in the A** and I'm still having problems.

    So here's a little help of things I did that I know worked:
    Create a nameserver that you'll have to register with a registrar. Same way you did for your domain name only for the nameserver. For me, I bought my domain with such-and-such company, which also allowed me to register my own nameserver. All I did was enter the nameserver name and IP of my server. Then I went to domain management and added the nameserver, that I just created, to resolve my domain. Confusing huh?

    Computer name: This is the first part (whatever part of the heirarchy) of the nameserver name. Example: NS0.ESOHOTECH.COM the computer name in this instance is NS0

    Good luck with the rest