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PC video resoultion !

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  • PC video resoultion !

    Can anybody let me know how to check a remote PC video settings in XP or Server 2003? Please mention all possible methods. I tried viewing through connecting regedit, no luck. We do have Citrix clients on these remote machines but in that case a user must be logged on, and than I can check his/her video resolution. I need to know some shortcut within Windows environment.


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    Re: PC video resoultion !

    This is considered a double post as you have posted the same question in the XP Forum just 4 minutes earlier.

    This is an infringement of the Posting Rules and as such incures a 2 week ban. This thread shall be locked but the other will be left open for others to post an answer to your question.

    [Edit] Cadijazz, in his infinate wisdom, Daniel has given you a second chance and asked me to lift the ban. Don't make us regret this decission.
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