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Help : DNS Resolve

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  • Help : DNS Resolve

    hello frnds,

    i have a server ( with a dhcp & dns server installed in the same machine
    (192.168.2.x ) . clients are able to work normally with the internal and external name resolution .

    now when i ping with , getting result as expected with of server)

    when i ping with it is also pinging with the same ip is our website in us with some separate public addr.So i want to ping with result of that external ip so that they able to browse the website. So inside my office i need to browse the website thats what were the problem is? i understand that the domain name is same that of the site is getting resolved by my server itself.Any way to redirect it thr my dns.... what to do?.. help really appreciated .....

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    Re: Help : DNS Resolve

    You need to add an 'A' record into your DNS that points to the external address for your website.