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    I have SBS 2003 std configured and running. Also CA in configured. I'm in to process to enable RPCoHTTPS and I need a digital certificate with different data as my current domain is.
    Domain name: domain.local
    External domain:

    The problem is, that CA that is installed cant make the certificate for my external domain, but only for my internal.

    1. How can I make digital certifikate that I need for OWA and RPCoHTTPS with configured CA?
    2. Can I (from security point of view) make a digital certifikate with SelfSSL tool that MS provides?

    Thanks for help and suggestions.


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    Re: Certification Authority

    I'm using a free SSL certificate from and it does the trick for me. Just go to the bottom of the page "Get Your Certificate" and follow the instructions. Startcom CA works for many common browsers by default, but not IE! If you use IE you'll have to install the CA, every user accessing the site with IE will have to do this once but it only takes three mouse clicks and a couple of seconds: The link to the installation, Yes to agree and Ok to go back to browsing. I just added the link to the certificate installation at the first page of my web app saying "Install SSL Certificate here". I guess you could make a group policy so that all the workstations in your domain installs the certificate automatically, I just haven't spent any brain time on that.

    Supported browsers:

    If you don't like to bother with the free certificate you can get a really cheap one at RapidSSL.
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      Re: Certification Authority

      GoDaddy is also cheap.
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