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User cannot copy .ini file. Huh?

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  • User cannot copy .ini file. Huh?

    I've got a user who connecting to a Windows 2003 Terminal Server. He has permission to write to all the directories in a tree on the d: drive. He is trying to copy a .ini file to another directory in the same tree but is unable to.

    This is most puzzling because he can write to the directories, he can copy another file or copy the blah.ini file to another name in the target directory.

    From cmd, he is doing
    copy blah.ini ..\
    access is denied
    0 files copied
    It seems ridiculously simple, but I can't see any reason why the thing shouldn't work, the user has write permissions to the directory above and can do the following successfully

    copy blah.ini ..\blah.txt
    So it seems that this is isolated to the .ini extension and not a permissions issue.

    So is there some security measure that stops an ordinary user from working with .ini files? Or is it something specific to Terminal Server 2003?

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    Re: User cannot copy .ini file. Huh?

    have you tried

    copy blah.ini ..\blah.ini ?

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      Re: User cannot copy .ini file. Huh?

      it's ok, it's mcafee being strict.