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NT Authority\NetworkService account not working properly

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  • NT Authority\NetworkService account not working properly

    Hello all -

    I've done some searching for my particular problem, but it's difficult given the general nature of the issue. On 3/8/07, we installed Exchange SP2 on a Windows SBS 2003 server, which in and of itself went fine. However, after rebooting, we began to notice a number of event log errors on certain services starting up, one being the License Logger service, which since it could not start tripped SBS into thinking it was violating license agreements and would shut down 60 minutes later automatically.

    Before I get chastised for posting an SBS issue here, I will say the underlying problem does not appear to be SBS-specific. Basically, any service that was using the NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService for authentication could not start. When these services were switched to a domain administrator account, they could start fine.

    Switching all the services manually helped somewhat, but there are still things I cannot seemingly touch (continual DCOM timeouts, repeated userenv/can't query for Group Policy errors, cannot print to printers shared off the server). It appears either Exchange SP2 or one of the security patches installed prior to the reboots performed during the ExchSP2 update (I have a list if needed) has somehow corrupted the NetworkService user behind the scenes. My question is, how can I get this operational again? Thanks for any suggestions, and let me know if you need more information.

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    Re: NT Authority\NetworkService account not working properly

    Any ideas on any newsgroups, etc, for me to try? Hoping to exhaust all my options before calling Microsoft, as I can foresee a lengthy call with possible reboots/rebuilding of SBS domain/other things that are difficult in terms of scheduling.


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      Re: NT Authority\NetworkService account not working properly

      Don't try to second-guess Microsoft... they KNOW stuff, man. I'll wager they know exactly what's wrong and how to fix it very quickly.

      Sorry I can't be any more specific help-wise...

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