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RDP drops and kills internet connection!!!!!!

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  • RDP drops and kills internet connection!!!!!!

    HI all
    I am running a server (03) on my home network using RRAS with a static IP. My home network is configured with Active Directory and is acting as a Domain Controller. I am using RDP to connect and received an error that my connection dropped.
    I tried to reconnect but I am unable to. Additionally, I am now not able to access my ftp server. This happened to me yesterday as well. I contacted my ISP and they were able to ping my modem, so I know it is not my ISP per se.
    When I got home yesterday I noticed that I was not able to connect to the internet from either PC on my domain. Once I rebooted the PC, I was able to access the internet and externally access my ftp server. What would cause RRAS to cease to function on my domain once RDP drops?????

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    Re: RDP drops and kills internet connection!!!!!!

    I had a similar problem and it was related to Static Routes. I did not see you mentioning VPN anywhere, but I am guessing that you use it since you mentioned RRAS?

    Anyhow. My problem was that my user account was configured with Static Routes, and theese somehow interfered with the servers routing (don't ask me how). I opened Active directory users and computers, went to my user account, under the tab Dial-in - have a look, are you using Static Routes?
    A wise man once said: "Assumption is the mother of all fu*k ups".

    Any advice I give is to the best of my knowledge, there is no guarantee what so ever that it will actually work in your particular scenario. I will not accept any responsibility for unexpected consequences, after all - you are taking advice from a complete stranger over the internet. =)