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Configuring DNS

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  • Configuring DNS

    Hello All,
    I have:
    1. Windows Server 2003 R2, acting as a web server and located in the DMZ.
    2. Terminal Servers Environment; Windows Server 2003 R2.
    I have branches that connected to my Data Center (server farm) with WAN (IPVPN) and establishing connection with terminal services.
    At the moment they connecting directly with IP, I want them to connect with a name that I will give in the DNS configuration.
    I want to know what should I config to make it successfull.
    I understand that beside the DNS I should configure DHCP with DNS configuration , and this DHCP will send the info to all the workstations.
    I need a help to config the DNS and the DHCP to make it done.
    Thanks Ahead,
    Boris Reuven.

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    Re: Configuring DNS

    DHCP and dns are loosely related, for the most part you have to allow DNS to accept updates to name/ip records.

    However you should already be able to give them the computer name.
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