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win2003 print server setup

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  • win2003 print server setup

    I have 2 questions on win2003 print server

    1. in my company we have network printers the thing is that when setting up a printer to a user computer going to "ADD PRINTER then selct network printer once we go into browse for printers it doesn't bring it up...but if we type in the \\servername\printer.. then it will come up to selct the printer..why wouldn't it just bring up all the printers when i try to do a browse for printers?

    2. could someone tell me or can direct me on how to setup and config windows 2003 print server from start to finish with setting them up with static IP's for the printers.

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    Re: win2003 print server setup

    I just installed the printers on the Server, then I share them (either during the installation or after the printer is installed, go to the printer properties sharing tab) and check the box "List printer in directory".

    For a user to to connect to the printer, simply go to Add printers, Network printer, Find in the directory, click Find now and choose which printer to add and click Ok.
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