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    Dont really have a niche for this one...I have domain users - actually ALL of em except admins - using Sharepoint Services 2.0. Some Departmental Sites are viewable without windows authentication. Going to other dept. sites will bring up the username/password popup. They only have to cancel and they have access. I have a headache trying to see mismatches in user/group permissions within WSS that would account for some sites requesting logon and some not...


    Domain Users - Contributor
    Domain Admins - Administrator
    NT Authority\Authenticated Users - Contributor

    I have deleted NT Authority to see results...its still the same. PLEASE enlighten me and save me some $$$ on aspirin.


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    Re: Wss 2.0

    Hello folks,

    I'd like to clarify a little. It seems to be a permission issue within the web pages themselves, but as I am less than clueless when it comes to web admin, I really need some help here.

    What is occurring is that a domain admin can log into a departmental site that asks for logon credentials using his or her account and everything loads without a hitch. The web page gets cached locally and any domain user can then open IE again and can load the departmental site from the cache without having to go through the cancelling of the logon prompt. I have verified that the cached web page does not provide additional permissions for that user. This is a very temporary fix as clearing the temp directory will clear the fix. Looking in IIS, the following permissions are set:

    (Local) Administrators: FC
    CREATOR/OWNER: FC (subfolders and files only)
    Domain Users: R&E,LFC,Read
    Power Users: Modify
    System: FC
    (Local) Users: R&E,LFC,Read

    This is for the "SharePoint Central Administration" web site in IIS.

    I tried to add both Authenticated Users and Everyone and gave both permissions ranging from R&E to FC. But results were the same-the annoying logon prompt keeps appearing.

    I'm so clueless, I'm developing a tick in my right eye...