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Slipstreaming SP2 on 2k3

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  • Slipstreaming SP2 on 2k3

    I have always relied on Daniel's article on slipstreaming XP/2003 and have never had a problem. Ever. However, I'm trying to slipstream SP2 onto W2k3 Std and make a bootable disk but it's not working. No errors, just doesn't work. I've tried several times. Sometimes it will boot, but then stops with an error saying it cannot find a particular file (different file each time). I started over and now it's just not booting.

    Some things I noticed are that with Sp1 it creates a WIN51IS.SP1 file in the root of the CD. However, SP2 makes no such file when I run the update.exe merge operation. Is there something different with SP2 as far as how it updates the base image files? Am I missing something new?

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    Re: Slipstreaming SP2 on 2k3

    Not that Daniel isn't the God of all things computing (like my Biggles77 impression???) but I've used these two links in the past w/ success:

    See if they offer any insight that helps. I downloaded SP2 and installed it on 2 of my 3 test servers (DC next) but have not had a chance to slipstream.


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