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Want to set up 2003 server to control home LAN

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  • Want to set up 2003 server to control home LAN

    Hi all. New to this board, and a layman when it comes to networking. Here's my question:

    Currently have six XP Pro machines connected to Linksys DSL router which has WAN connection via D-Link DSL modem. THe linksys provides DHCP service at present. (I guess you'd call this a peer to peer network?!?)

    Have seventh machine that I've just installed WIN 2K3 server enterprise. I want to make this machine the Domain Controller and internet access controller for the entire network. I've read that going to this kind of structure can increase internet access and download speeds, while at the same time allowing more control of internet traffic. (When I installed 2K3, I created a domain called ""). What I'm reading is that I'm going to end up with more of a "client/server" structure.

    Can anyone give me the best method for doing this?

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    Welcome to , jlbosch

    I think you have confused two separate programs:

    Windows Server 2003 controls a network, allowing centralised logons, vastly improved security and control over what users can do on the local PCs

    ISA Server (internet security and acceleration) controls internet access by acting as both a proxy server (actually fetches web pages then passes them back to local clients) and a firewall -- this is what you appear to be trying to do.

    To run ISA Server, you need Windows Server but you do not have to be in a domain

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