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Customize Windows XP SP2

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  • Customize Windows XP SP2

    Is there a way to customize the SP2 update package? I want to push it out to my xp machines. But I would like to customize settings such as turn off the firewall and pop up stoppers etc.

    I am already using the MS method of stopping the autoupate via Group Policies.

    Thanks fopr any help Guidance.

    Roberoo of Buffalo, NY

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    find "Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Quick Cleaner V2". See

    As for pop up, change IE setting (Tools>>Pop up Blocker)


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      Thanks for trying. The web site isn't open for new users and the "find" didn't get me anywhere. I know I can change the settings in IE.

      My problem is I need to change over 3500 PC's in a K-12 school system.

      Still looking for help.



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        Not sure if this is what you're looking for but it might help.


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          well group policy

          well just need to download from Microsoft adminpack (or something similar). Install and in Active directory Group policy would be new features, such as disable firewall on WinXP with SP2, etc.


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            The Admin Pak will only work on the computers in my domain. I need a solution that will work on over 20 different workgroups with over 3000 pcs over all. It would be better if I could setup/adjust or turn off options in the service pack.



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              You might want to try the following approach (have not tried myself as we have put SP2 on hold meanwhile):

              1) Install SP2 on XP workstation

              2) run gpedit.msc and configure the desired settings (I have no idea if SP2 specific features will show in Local computer GPO. you'll need to check it yourself).

              3) using secedit.exe export the settings from the configured computer to a template file. Go over the file (it has several sections) and leave only things you want to configure on target computers.

              4) now, if you have a way to run a short script after SP2 install, you can import the settings using secedit.exe /configure
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