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    I have inherited a bit of a mess and I'm hoping someone with a lot more networking experience than I have can help...

    I have two "domain controllers" running on my network. One is an NT 4.0 box that is the domain server for "network". com. Now, at some point in the past, a second server, running 2000 server, was added and made the domain controller of "network".com as well. (Acutally, 2000 was "smart" enough to create a domain).

    Because of the conflicts between two systems running on two domains with the same name (it's not really "network" I just used that as an example), I can't seem to authenticate users on the domain "network" from either machine. I can have them log onto folders on either system, but I can't seem to get everything working as one happy network.

    And to make matters worse, the NT4.0 box is also my phone system(Altigen System), so taking it off line and rebuilding it is out of the question...unless I want to spend my whole weekend at work...

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated...



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    What you did was wrong. The W2K machine cannot act as a BDC for an NT4 domain.

    Therefore, what you SHOULD have done is to either install the new server as an NT4 BDC, promote it to PDC, then upgrade to W2K, or, prefferably, install a new machine (not the server) as an NT4 BDC, promote it to PDC, upgrade to W2K, then install the new server directly as a W2K machine, DCPROMO it to become a DC, move all FSMO and GC to it, then remove (or keep if you want) the regular upgraded W2K machine.

    In your case you now have 2 different domains, which is the reason why you cannot log on and so on.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services