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Active Desktop item with GPO too big :(

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  • Active Desktop item with GPO too big :(

    Hi there,

    I know ActiveDesktop is piece of crap, but there is a need of putting on it a little window with website (little phone book . When I add it manually to the PC it's creating nice, small window and everything is perfect.

    Unfortunatelly, when I introduce it with GPO, the windows is showing up almost on full screen. I can obviously make it smaller manually, but that's not why I am using GPO...

    Any idea how to make it smaller by default? Or maybe I can add ActiveDesktop gadget from command line or so?

    THanks in advance,

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    Re: Active Desktop item with GPO too big

    To tell you the truth, I would try a workaround: I would use the resizeTo() Javascript function to resize the window from inside the HTML code. With it, you can resize the window to whatever dimensions you need.
    Not a high-tech solution, more of a "wise-ass" one
    What do you think?

    Sorin Solomon

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