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Can' t open ports

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  • Can' t open ports

    Hi everybody!

    I was trying to get some ports opened,
    but it doesn't work.
    I opened my ports in comodo firewall but
    the program stil got limited connection.
    I also used the netstat command to see what ports are listening,
    but the ports that are shown on netstat are also closed.
    When I turn off my firewall nothing changes.
    I also don't use a router, i have a broadband connection provided by a local isp.
    Does anyone know how i can get my ports opened?

    Thank you for any help


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    Re: Can' t open ports

    Originally posted by murlin-one View Post
    Does anyone know how i can get my ports opened?
    Turn the wheel counterclockwise until it stops. Then, depending on whether the hinge is on the inside or outside, push or pull hard! You might have to use some WD-40 if it's rusted shut.

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