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Windoes 2003 logon

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  • Windoes 2003 logon

    Hello guys!

    Here is the thingie... At home I have Win2003 server and on it, there are 2 VmWare machines... One is Smoothwall firewall and second Win2003 with exchange and as a domain controller (experimenting...)

    So since I have no UPS, and when the power goes down I always get the annoying message "Windows has been shut down unexpectedly bla bla bla"... Until I don`t enter reason and click OK, it won`t do Autologon...

    Do you know how to disable this?

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    Re: Windoes 2003 logon

    Check out the following:

    I can't remember if it's just when you shutdown / restart the server or if it's the same app that deals with unexpected shutdowns. No hard in trying.

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      Re: Windoes 2003 logon

      And here's the MS link on the same:

      You could also try it via the registry: or

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Reliability

      Although that one is for WXP specifically, it may work on W2K3 -- haven't tried

      Here's more than you ever wanted to know about Shutdown Event Tracker Tools and Settings:

      And finally, How Shutdown Event Tracker Works:

      EDIT: It does control the popup after an unexpected shutdown:

      Shutdown Event Tracker (Unexpected Shutdown) Dialog Box
      When an unexpected shutdown occurs the user is not given the opportunity to perform the shutdown in a normal manner, and the Shut Down Windows (expected shutdown) dialog box does not appear at the time of shutdown. Instead, the Shutdown Event Tracker (unexpected shutdown) dialog box appears to the first person with the Shutdown the system user right or with administrative credentials who logs on to the computer after the restart or shutdown. Like the Shut Down Windows (expected shutdown) dialog box, it prompts this user to supply a reason and a comment for the shutdown.
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        Re: Windoes 2003 logon

        Read them bot, that did the trick!



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          Re: Windoes 2003 logon

          Spend $50 on a cheap UPS. At some stage it is going to save you a lot of reinstall time when your systems files become corrupt.
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