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  • Join Network from Home

    I have a Windows SBS 2003 running an Active Directory Domain Environment, How do I join my computer at home to the domain?

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    Re: Join Network from Home

    IIRC, it'd have to be networked in one fashion or another with the server. Then again, it'd need that for day to day communication anyway.

    A better question to ask is WHY do you want to do this? Do they need to communicate with the SBS server each day, or once in a while?
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      Re: Join Network from Home

      We have about 20 users that are in our office, but we have about 3 that work from home, and they still need to log onto the domain, and be able to access the exchange server in their outlook and the rest of the resources.


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        Re: Join Network from Home

        You can enable Routing and Remote Service on the SBS and connect using a VPN connection. Though it would be better if the 3 of you have a fixed IP at home so as to restrict the connections to only those 3 IPs. as long as you do not want to implement IPSec.


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          Re: Join Network from Home

          sounds good!
          can you give me a few pointers on how to do that?
          what ports do I need open on my firewall?
          besides RAS do I need to install anything else on my server?


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            Re: Join Network from Home

            What kind of router do you have? If you have good VPN routers like Cisco ASA 5505 or Juniper 5GT etc you can create a VPN between your home and office easily and then simply join your domain from your house. Takes like 30 min to accomplish this or may be less.


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              Re: Join Network from Home

              We are just running Windows Server 2003 thru a Firebox Firewall,
              the Firewall is the router, and has poor VPN
              I would just need to open ports on the router, and use the Server for VPN


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                Re: Join Network from Home

                One :
                Open ports 80, 443 and 1723 on your firewall box
                Run the CEICW wizard. then the VPN wizard (All in Server Management/ToDo List)
                You could then create a Connection diskette on one of your workstations in the office. Or then just connect via a VPN connectoid from th ehome computer and join the domain in the Regular (non-SBS) way.

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