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XP joining 2003 domain problems

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  • XP joining 2003 domain problems

    I am having the same problem with joining a 2003 R2 domain as Ive seen in other posts, but Im not sure if my situation is different. I run all xp machines and just setup the 2003 domain controller. I did a usual install of 2003 and active directory which installed dns. The domain name I am using is pcccollegeinstitute.local and netbios PCI. One note, since I thought xp and 2003 didnt need netbios I disable netbios over tcpip on the xp and 2003 machines. Well when I go to join the xp machine to the domain using pcccollegeinstitute.local it errors out when looking for the PCI netbios name. So I bring up the network monitor on the 2003 machine, when I try it again, I see the xp machine is looking in dns for the PCI listing. Why is this? I have netbios turned off on both and they shouldnt need it anyway. So just for curiosity, I reinstall xp and 2003 again and leave it with netbios over tcpip on, well it all goes well. Thats fine, but I wanted to try and get away from netbios, its so chatty. Does anyone know how to get around this? Now I havent setup dns suffix on the dhcp server if this matters, I am using the pix box for dhcp until I switch over to the 2003 server. Some other info that might help or not, I have the firewalls disabled on both, I assigned the ip and dns static on the xp and 2003. Thanks in advance and if you need anymore info let me know.