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  • HDD Disk Benchmark

    HI All,

    First I got IBM DS300 and 14 X 300GB SCSI with RAID 1 & 5, 3 Arrays. This DS300 connect to Gigabit Switch and 2 Servers are connect to these Disk using ISCSI Initiator 2.0 throug the above Switch.

    And just run ATTO Disk benchmark software on these Disk Drives

    and found following resualt

    Local Disk ( RAID 1 2x200 GB SATA II)

    read 72 Write 68

    RAID 1
    read 10 and write 8 MB/Sec

    RAID 5
    read 36 and write 14 MB/Sec

    Is this normal or whats going on?
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    Re: HDD Disk Benchmark

    These are ISCSI results I take it?

    ISCSI is going to be slower no doubt and many other factors come into play.

    What are the results on the server directly attached to the SCSI arrays?

    Disk benchmarking software often shows results that can not be experienced in the real world.

    Use Perfmon and monitor disk read and write bytes/sec on the logical drives. Then run some file access / copying scenarios between disks / computers and see what you get.


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