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Hotmail probs

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  • Hotmail probs

    Can get Hotmail website to work on every computer except mine. Reset IE Defaults, used spyware cleaners, deleted all cookies, etc... Still says page cannot be displayed and Hotmail is the only website I can't access. What do I try next?

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      anyone? I need help!


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        Yeah yeah, don't get 'jumpy'

        Try to see what's different between your pc and the others, that's the best way to get to a solution...
        Please try to understand it's hard for us to diagnose your issue when we don't have any details... That's probably the reason that you didn't receive a reply yet...

        Good technicians / scripters don't know everything, they just know where to look for the answer.


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          Hehe... It has to be related to either Internet Explorer, or MSN Messenger (since it is assosiated with Hotmail). It is a brand new Dell PIV 2.3ghz 256ram WinXP. Once again Internet Explorer was reset to the default settings. The website itself comes up just fine, when I type in my username and password it says page cannot be displayed. It works fine on every computer I have tried except mine. What else do you want to know? The color of the tower is black if that Just kidding


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            Is anyone who knows computers reading this forum? Just need a little direction in life here guys. Thanks!


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              Hey hey hey... Chill...

              */ the ppl who are coming here do have knowledge about computers, don't worry about that. Some of them even have a technical knowledge base inside their heads
              */ the ppl do this in their spare time, you can't blame them that they aren't on the forum every day. Some days I also take a day off, why not others?
              */ it's not always easy to troubleshoot a problem which you can't see and work on yourself!

              For what your problem concerns: didn't have it myself before. It looks kinda strange and I must admit that I don't have an idea for the moment. Perhaps after a good night sleep and a day off.... ?

              Good technicians / scripters don't know everything, they just know where to look for the answer.


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                Not upset, just kidding around. It is hard to type with the correct emotion...hehe.

                If you guys have any ideas that would be appreciated!



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                  Java, cookies enable ???