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Granting Elevated Privileges to Users?

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  • Granting Elevated Privileges to Users?

    I need users to be able to do "net file" in a cmd window to see who is using a file as this stops them from getting their work done. Unfortunately only administrators can do this.

    Is there a way to let users run this one program as an admin without giving them the full admin credentials?

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    Re: Granting Elevated Privileges to Users?

    You can run any program as an elevated user by using the free tool CPAU

    Read it right to the very end, because there it tells you how to encrypt the password so users can't see it.

    So, dear readers, why can't we use RUNAS? Well, RUNAS prompts you to enter the admin password each time (so that's no good in this context) but if you want to, you can use runas with a /savecred switch, so that the password is only prompted once, thereafter it saves the credentials. Problem is, the user can then use RUNAS with the /savecred switch to run any program she likes, because it will have remembered the password (so that's pretty insecure). So, the really good way around this is to encrypt the program that is being run, and the credentials provided, so as to run the program as Adminstrator. That's where CPAU comes into play, and it can certainly encrypt for safety. And it is free.
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