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Long username and pre-windows 2000 logon

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  • Long username and pre-windows 2000 logon

    I have a question about long usernames. Pre-Windows 2000 operative systems doesn't like usernames longer than 20 characters while Windows 2000+ accepts it.

    When I create a user in my Windows 2003 domain I get to name the account, I give it the username Username.Userlastname (which is 21 characters).

    Since the client OS is Windows XP and the Server OS is Windows Server 2003 I thought it would accept the long username, but it doesn't. The default way to logon seems to be prewindows 2000, with a drop down list to pick the domain. So to get the logon to work I have to enter the username [email protected], which makes the dropdown domain box grey and the logon attempt is accepted.

    Is there a way to make the client try to add the "@domain" to the end by default, so that my users can enter their long usernames without typing the domain at the end?

    I did use but there's a lot of crap out there and I couldn't quite find what I was looking for... any help or pointers, tips & tricks are welcome!

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    Re: Long username and pre-windows 2000 logon

    I don't know of any way to automatically add the UPN suffix. But you can create another UPN suffix that's shorter if that's an issue.

    Sorry, it's not much help.

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      Re: Long username and pre-windows 2000 logon

      Everything I'm reading says to avoid usernames with more than 20 characters. Not practical, I think, in your situation but that advice does crop up time and time again. Sorry I haven't got a better answer.
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