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Child domain or a new one??

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  • Child domain or a new one??

    Hi Guys,

    We are currently have a 2003 domain at our London site, about 80 users. We are in the process of setting up a site in Aberdeen which will be around possibly for 2 years with up to 25 users. Now its a bit complicated but the aberdeen site is not completely part of the company so access will need to be quite tight.

    The company would like the users at new site to be able to see certain data on our London domain and for all our users in London to be able to login fully if they travel to this new site and work as normal. And if possible, maybe the Aberdeen remote users authenticate at the London office.
    The thing is, the company doesnt know if the new site will develop or not after two years and could well be that the site closes down, so this is something I will need to consider when designing the domain.

    Possible solutions:

    1. Do I setup a child domain for the new office?
    2. Do I setup a new domain all together and setup some kind of trust relationship.

    Any ideas to what would be the best practice for this scenario?



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    Re: Child domain or a new one??

    A transitive two way trust relationship will automatically be created between parent and child domains where both domains fully trust each other.

    Your probably better off creating a new forest for the new office and setting up a forest trust (Both networks have to be W2k3)

    Forest trusts
    With Windows Server 2003 forests, you can link two different forests to create a one-way or two-way transitive trust relationship. A two-way forest trust is used to form a transitive trust relationship between every domain in both forests. Forest trusts can be created only between two Windows Server 2003 forests and cannot be implicitly extended to a third forest.

    Obviously open to discussion by everyone.

    Michael Armstrong
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