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  • Teaming NICs


    I have read and read and I need a little help please. I have a Dell Poweredge server with 2 NICs with Server 2003 R2 Enterprise.

    The help I need is setting up the second NIC for Load balancing. I can't seem to get the setup correct to team the NICs. Can someone point me in the direction to get step-by-step directions on getting both NICs setup for teaming?


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    Re: Teaming NICs

    Please provide some more information:
    - what model is the server?
    - what have you read so far and did not helped?
    - what is the problem you encounter?

    I am not accustomed to Dell servers, but NIC teaming should not be something difficult. At least I can give you some directions, but first, I need more info.

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Teaming NICs

      Assuming that they are recent dells then they should have Intel NICs - go to the Intel site and get their drivers, do not use the drivers supplied by Dell, they have been known to cause problems. Double and triple check that they are Intel NICs though.


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        Re: Teaming NICs

        Hi ,

        It's possible with Intel NIC's only .. I had done it with my server . There is one intel utility available on the site from which u can make a combination of multiple cards...It increases your network speed drastically...



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          Re: Teaming NICs

          Thanks for the info. I went to the Intel site and they have some great info. I believe this is exactly what I was looking for. thanks again.