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Domain User, Local Administrator Password Change problem

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  • Domain User, Local Administrator Password Change problem

    I have a domain user that is in the local administrator group on Server 2003. He owns the cluster service for MSCS. When I try to change the password, I get an error that says that the password does not meet the minimum complexity requirements. There are no complexity requirements set on the domain, but are set on the local server.

    Any help?

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    Re: Domain User, Local Administrator Password Change problem

    And if you try to make the password C0mp!ex, what happens?


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      Re: Domain User, Local Administrator Password Change problem

      Same thing. Server 2003 has a method of changing the cluster service owner password from the command line. That service owner is a domain authenticated account. It also must be a local administrator to have authorization to start the service. The command line method changes the service password on all cluster nodes and the domain password. I get the local node passwords changed, but it fails when it tries to change the domain password.

      I have tried all password combinations and no luck.

      I also tried to take a regular domain user and add him to the server's local administrator account and came up with the same result. So it is not the cluster service that is preventing it. It just does not seem to like a domain user (non-domain administrator) in the local administrator group.