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Will defrag kill Shadow Copies?

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  • Will defrag kill Shadow Copies?

    While you can enable Previous Versions with Shadow Copy, what about defragmenting that drive?
    Will it kill all previous versions?

    Is there anybody who has experience with this?

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    Re: Will defrag kill Shadow Copies?

    There is a known problem with this and MS has a solution. Use a 16k cluster on the disk, which may require you to format the volume.

    If you can't reformat, try using Partition Magic to resize the volume, then use a 16k cluster [the default cluster size for NTFS is 4K].

    Currently there is no warning of this issue when creating a volume but there should be... [If you plan to use volume shadowing, shadowed data may be lost during disk defragmentation unless a 16k cluster size is used.] Something to that extent.

    Also using a 16K cluster is wasteful because it makes the file system less efficient due to file slack. Because a 1 byte file still uses an entire 16k cluster or wastes 15,999 bytes of space, which can amount to a lot of wasted space when lots of small files exist.;en-us;312067
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