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Dual Nic ?'s 2000/2003 Servers

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  • Dual Nic ?'s 2000/2003 Servers

    I am running a dual boot environment (2000 and 2K3) on a test server environment. Working with only 1 OS at a time here, I have an issue with a dual NIC configuration. I know this is possible (I just cant seem to find the correct config/answer) I am looking to have my outside pipe set up on one NIC and my internal addx feeding DHCP to clients and serving DNS reqs on the other NIC. My issue is getting both of them to play nicely at the same time. The outside pipe is hit and miss on connectivity (another issue) but my internal addx services DHCP and DNS requests to clients without a hitch (provided the other card is disabled)
    Where am I going wrong here? Pls help! 1 suggestion I heard was to set the 'metric' values for each card differently (not auto)
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