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??? SP 2 Finally Released ???

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  • ??? SP 2 Finally Released ???

    According to the last rumors tomorrow Sp2 will be Finally Released

    [August 4, 2004]
    Exclusive: Windows XP SP2 Release Update

    Microsoft will finalize the code for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) sometime today, release it via Microsoft Download Center and MSDN on the Web tomorrow, and then ship it to customers via Windows Update beginning August 25, though Automatic Update users will get it immediately on a staggered basis.

    Microsoft says that its Premier Support customers will be notified by e-mail using the Security Response infrastructure on August 5th that they can begin downloading the Full Network Install SP2 Kit immediately using the Download Center on the Microsoft Web site.

    Just a few hours to wait for the "Ultimate" SP Release.
    Or the news is just another hoax ......
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    It is close. Current beta build on the beta download site is 2169.

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      just found on a dutch site that the release date is delayed again..
      Microsoft will try to release the servicepack 2 still this month..
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        News update:

        Windows XP update delayed again
        August 4, 2004, 10:55 PM PT

        Microsoft has again delayed a long-awaited update to Windows XP, citing quality concerns.

        The company had planned to wrap up development this week on Windows XP Service Pack 2, but a Microsoft representative said late Wednesday that the software giant had decided that more work was needed on the update before if could be released to manufacturing.

        Microsoft has been forced to push back the update's release on several occasions, most recently moving the release date from July to August. Windows XP Service Pack 2, or SP2, was originally set for release in June. However, Microsoft still expects to release the update this month, the representative said.

        SP2 will contain a number of new features, most of which deal with security. One new feature, for example, is a Security Center that provides a view of a PC's key protection settings. An improved firewall and other tweaks are also planned.

        Among the challenges Microsoft faces is maintaining compatibility with existing software while boosting the reliability of the core operating system.

        Earlier this week, Microsoft issued a warning that the newest version of its software for managing customer relations will not work with SP2. Customers using Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Sales for Outlook 1.2 will encounter problems with the software if they install the SP2, the company said.

        Microsoft has posted a patch to its Web site that it says will fix the problem.
        News source:;subj=zdnet

        Windows XP SP2 Still On Track
        August 4, 2004, 10:23 PM

        When BetaNews asked Microsoft to confirm the dates posted to the web by Neowin a spokesperson remarked, "Development of Windows XP SP2 continues. We remain on track to RTM the product in August," which means just that: the Service Pack will ship in August.
        News source:

        So just sit 'n' relax and wait for the SP release .....
        And hope that MS will stop delaying it
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          Till SP Release

          Watch this

          SP2 News on CNN
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            IT's FINALLY OUT !!!!

            Exclusive: Windows XP SP2 Build 2180 signed off as final RTM

            Windows XP SP2 Build 2180 was signed off at 10.08am this morning as the final RTM build and is now available to download on the WindowsBeta site.

            Here's the official message in full from Microsoft:

            Final testing is complete and at 10:08am this morning we signed off on build 2180 as Windows XP Service Pack 2, releasing it to manufacturing. The final build will be available to beta sites immediately at You will find both English and German versions there, Japanese will follow early next week.

            Next week the service pack will be available on the Microsoft Download Center for general download. In the interim we're making the update available to you via the beta web site.

            If you are running RC2, or any other build released to beta sites, we invite you to turn on Automatic Updates, and starting on August 10th your system will automatically download the express version of Windows XP SP2. For typical home users this is about a 75 MB download; for those on RC2 it should be less than 30 MB. As soon as the background download is complete, you will be prompted to install SP2 and to accept the EULA (SP2 does not install automatically even if Automatic Updates is set to automatically install security updates). If you have a modem connection, don't "Cancel" the update once it's in progress; just disconnect and when you reconnect later, it will automatcially pick up where it left off until it completes.
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