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Switching from Home Folders to Folder Redirection

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  • Switching from Home Folders to Folder Redirection

    I currently have home folders setup through the AD>User>Properties>Profile tab for my 35 user in a 2003 Standard environment. It has not been long and there is not much use of the home folders.

    I want to move to folder redirection via group policy and move the users MyDocs and Desktops to a server share. I’ve been reading up on this in MS TechNet and have found that it does not recommend using home folders for redirection. That is fine.

    I don’t care if I keep the home folders, since they are not really being used. So I was thinking that I would just go to each users profile tab in AD and check ‘local path’ instead of ‘connect’ under the home folder section. Then go to the ‘user’ share on disk and delete the user’s folder.

    After doing this for all users, I’d delete the user share itself from disk and then proceed to implement the folder redirection in group policy with a new share just for it.

    Am I going though a lot of trouble? Would you take the same steps to achieve the same goal? Better recommendation?

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    Re: Switching from Home Folders to Folder Redirection

    Do you actually need to do any folder redirection? I suggest not. If you implement Roaming Profiles, the Desktop and the My Documents folders will then be on the server. Just type \\servername\sharename\%username% into the Profile path box.

    One of my users' laptops broke down, and he was very worried about the contents of his My Documents folder. When I formatted his laptop and rejoined his domain, the contents of his My Documents and Desktop folders came back - that's because it was all on the server anyway. So you can see that having Roaming Profiles carries a lot more power than just folder redirection - so it's worth looking into for certain.

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,
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      Re: Switching from Home Folders to Folder Redirection

      Folder redirection is nice if you want to cut down on login times compared to roaming profiles which require a larger transfer process at logon. I use a combination of each depending on need. In some cases, I use both especially if users have really large my document folders, for example.

      There is no right or wrong. Roaming profiles are nice as everything is saved somewhere aside from a client pc in the event of failures. On the other hand, sometimes only key folders, like documents are required to be saved off of the client.