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How to connect dual network card

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  • How to connect dual network card


    I have a Win2003 server enterprise edition with two network cards install on it, can i use both cards in order to gain more bandwidth when my clients on the network access this server?
    if so, how do i implemnt this?


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    Re: How to connect dual network card

    What hardware is the server? And the NICs?
    To what hardware is the server connected: HUB? Switch? Which model?
    HP servers have implemented in their drivers the teaming option.
    About others, I don't know (I think the major brands have similar things).
    So, before starting digging the Net, please answer my questions.

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      Re: How to connect dual network card

      I take it you're not running any form of 802.1 Spanning Tree Protocol?

      You need to read up on Network Load Balancing (NLB):

      Many more articles on same in Google.


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        Re: How to connect dual network card

        NLB / NIC Teaming is the answer... you can team for bandwidth or you can team for load balancing or you can team for resilience.

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