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Folder Redirection/Offline Synch

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  • Folder Redirection/Offline Synch

    We have folder redirection running here, the problem seems to be that when one of the users has the folder open for My Documents (redirected), the folder does not reflect any changes immediately.

    In other words, if the user changes the name of a file, or moves a file, it does not replicate the changes for a couple minutes, yes minutes. They must either hit F5 to refresh manually or close out of the folder and go back in.

    Anyone know if there are any settings to lower the refresh time/rate? Nothing visible in Group Policy.

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    Re: Folder Redirection/Offline Synch

    You might be able to set the option under folder options>advanced at the users desktop. Not sure about that though.

    I did deploy this in our network but I found it to be very troublesome especially if someone uses active sync. Active sync and folder redirection are incompatible and I ended up removing it from our domain (which was not fun either).