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no access to sysvol on DC

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  • no access to sysvol on DC

    ok so the story goes.

    I disabled SMB "Digitally sign communications" on my Dc to allow Mac OSX to connect to shares on the server.

    Now since then NO one has access to the sysvol / netlogon folders on the dc from an XP client machine.

    The Xp clients can access the shares on the other fileservers but no-one has access to the DC.

    I get event ID 1030 + 1058

    I tried undoing the disable in group policy but the error still occurs.

    I have contacted M$ for the "hotfix" which wont install on a 2003 sever running SP1.

    I'm stuck - any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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    Re: no access to sysvol on DC

    First thing I'd do is go back and un-do the change you made for SMB and see if the problem goes away or not. perhaps the timing was just coincidental? unlikely, but worth checking...



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      Re: no access to sysvol on DC

      Has the policy had time to refresh???


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        Re: no access to sysvol on DC

        May have the same kind of problem, unfortunately I cant actually edit any GP anymore. I can however diable them so it seems. kind of hard to explain.

        The above link should help u if u, like me cant change the policy cause it has been grayed out.
        Please give points where appropriate

        <I dont create ready scripts for you, but I'm willing to point you in the right direction>