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Password Problem

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  • Password Problem

    Hi All ,

    We are using Win- 2000 Server and When i am trying to change the password from the client machine its gives me this error..." The password for this account can not be change at this time " and after that when i enable the option from the server that user must change the password at next login at that time he will be able to change to password. I have made the policy in my server about the password expiration in 30 Days and it must be of 7 character..So is this regarding my policy issue.

    Please Help me Friends....


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    Re: Password Problem

    Have you searched this message on the Net? Here are some results I found:
    Is anything of this relevant?

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Password Problem

      Ok, so what is it. SBS Server 2000 or Windows 2000 Server. Either way this is a double post. Being a nice guy [must drink Milo] I am going to give you a chance to delete/edit one of your double posts before the Boss sees it. He hasn't banned anyone for 13 days and 10 hours (at this time) so I am guessing his finger is itchy.

      I would suggest editing this post since you have an answer on the other one. All you need to to is click the EDIT button on your post and copy the following.

      Sorry, double posted in error. Won't happen again.

      and paste it in the above post, deleting the other text that is already there.

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        Re: Password Problem

        Hi All ,

        Thanks sorinso and all friends.........your suggestion works very well...and sorry that i was put my problem in 2 diffrent sections..i thaught this might help me to get my solution earlier time it will not be happen...

        Thanks once again.....