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Windows Server 2003 printer

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  • Windows Server 2003 printer


    I have setup 5 network printers in my Windows Server 2003 domain controller... Ever since then the clients are complaining that the printer has become so slow that they have to wait for 4 to 5 minutes waiting for their documents to get printed...

    How to solve this problem? Is it related to Windows Server 2003 printer settings or other???

    Please Help me as my uses are getting on my nerves....

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    Re: Windows Server 2003 printer

    Did you check the spooler?
    Event logs showing anything?
    Able to ping the IP normally?
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    Mostafa Itani

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      Re: Windows Server 2003 printer

      The spooler is fine, I can see the documents in queue. I can ping the IP ..


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        Re: Windows Server 2003 printer

        How about a bit more information about the setup.

        Are the printers pooled?
        Are the printers different makes & models?
        How much load is the server under?
        What are the connections like?
        How big are the print jobs?
        Monochrome or colour?
        What IP can you ping?

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        Oh yes, putting
        Originally posted by nime1
        in your post is of no help to us in trying to assist you to solve your problem. Thanks.
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          Re: Windows Server 2003 printer

          biggles77 -
          My crystal ball is clearer and reveals that he is using PCL6 instead of PCL5e (or PS)

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          excellent pic
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            Re: Windows Server 2003 printer

            Originally posted by Lior_S View Post
            My crystal ball is clearer
            Darn, I have to get one of these
            If we talk drivers, there are a lot of corners to look to. For instance, OP might use a PS driver with a printer that has internal PostScript engine. While printing a non-PS print job, the printer itself does the translation. It can take a minute for every page. Or the Start printing when the last page is spooled option may be checked and the spooling process may take some time (large files, busy network, anything).
            We should get some answers first, because right now everything can be the problematic link.

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