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  • Restore/Backup

    Hi all I've been trying to do this critical backup & restore excercise where I install Win2003 Enterprise, Exchange, SQL and than back it all up with NT backup and manually for SQL databases and than delete it all from the HDD like format it and reinstall everything and restore the data back on.

    However everytime I get stuff to restore (all the settings and updates have been applied to the re-installed one) there is always a problem with exchange not mounting .... any hits or tips to this problem? When I do restore them everything seems to be restoring fine as there is no error but after restart it seems to not mount the exchange.

    I've checked the services it's all running. nooo idea why it's doing it to me.

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    Re: Restore/Backup

    Have you first recovered active directory and are then attempting to restore the exchange backups? Or, are you creating a new domain and active directory environment and then trying to restore exchange dbs?

    One thing I remember about doing this the other month was that if you attempt to restore the exchange dbs, you need to ensure the site name/organization names and such are exactly the same on the new exch server as they were on the old server. In addition, I have to run the exchange utils, I forget which ones... it might have been eseutil or something to repair the database(s). Then once it mounted, I had to reconnect every single user to the mailbox they used to have...