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Total backup solution for W2k3 Servers

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  • Total backup solution for W2k3 Servers

    Hi all,

    I have some quetions about W2k3 and servers in general.

    What I am trying to do is come up with a backup solution for my servers. I am having trouble with coming up with how to go about doing this.

    My problem is that I have a manager who loves to use ghost on everything. We have some w2k servers and he ghost them everynight remotely. He is a ghost fanatic. His reasoning for staying with w2k/ghost is that he can take that image and drop it on a dissimilar hardware platform and it will be up and running in 1 hour. How do I go about trying to break this mentality?

    I need to come up with something better because we have 4 w2k3 servers now and you can't ghost that(thank god).

    This is what I have for backups on the servers.

    I backup the system state on all DC's every sunday
    I backup the mail store every night (Exchange 2003)
    I backup profile folders every night differential backup on weekdays and a Full backup on Sunday.

    We are a small company and have no tape drives. I basically create backups to a file and the file is stored offsite( I hope).

    I was able to convince management to buy some RAID cards for the servers so I am implementring RAID 1 for the servers and will be moving data to these drives for redundancy.

    How do I protect my servers from hardware failure what backup/restore scenarios should I look at.

    What about ASR's? Are they easy to restore. My main concerns are what happens if my OS drive or motherboard die. Is it a good idea to mirror OS drives?

    Any help is greatly appeciated.
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    Re: Total backup solution for W2k3 Servers

    What about using Windows 2003 Enterprise and having a cluster?

    About the RAID 1 for the OS, I think it's a good idea as long as it's a hardware RAID and not software.
    I know anything else can fail, even the controller or the motherboard. But hard drives fail much more often than the controllers. I would never run a server without RAID 1.

    I am the administrator at 2 places and in one we have a software RAID (made by windows 2000) and it doesn't always work. At the other place I have a RAID controller and it always works. Its performance is better since it doesn't use system resources, and it's safer.

    In any case, you should use 2 identical disks for best results.