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Win 2K3 folder owner issues -- erasing all permissions?

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  • Win 2K3 folder owner issues -- erasing all permissions?

    I'm migrating some servers from 2K to 2K3 and I found the following problem:

    In my servers, the users are allowed to create new subfolders under their primary accessable folders (Modify perm). As a result, there are some folders on the tree that are set by 2K to have owners other than the Administrators group. When I install 2K3, a funny thing happens: If the folder owner is no longer in the Users group (i.e., fired) 2K3 removes ALL permissions from the folder's Security tab, even Administrators and SYSTEM! This messes up permissions inheritance and propagation, and causes misery because I have to go look at all individual folders to see which ones are affected.

    The Owner tab in the Advanced Properties window shows a "Cannot identify current owner" message in the Owner: field. I can change it to Administrators, but it's a case-by-case job and it gets boring after a while. Anybody else know something about this?

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    Re: Win 2K3 folder owner issues -- erasing all permissions?

    Have a look at this thread and see if XCACLS (or Heyna) can reveal the problem:

    Also check out some of the SYSINTERNALS tools like AccessChk and AccessEnum:

    Not having access to your situation, I'd try all these and see what they show for a known directory w/ problems. Be interested to see if what gets revealed changes once you handle the directory in W2K3. In other words, were the permissions there (albeit wrong) and once you looked in Windows Explorer, W2K3 wiped the slate clean.


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