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TCP Stack Failure Broadcom 5708c TOE SNP

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  • TCP Stack Failure Broadcom 5708c TOE SNP

    I am testing the Broadcom problem on several Dell 1955 Blade servers. There appears to be a problem in the TCP Stack when running the Broadcom 5708c adapter With or without the SNP (912222) Component. I recently learned the 912222 patch installs SNP and enables TOE at the OS level.
    Basically what happens is the network adapter will loose the ability to communicate with the network. In the most extreme cases it is necessary to log on locally and reboot the server. After rebooting the server it operates as normal for several days then repeats.
    In testing the same configuration on an HP Server with Inter Nic there is no duplication of error.

    Back to the Dell 1955 with broadcom.
    I have installed the latest broadcom/dell Critical driver update patch 12/21. Installing the patch solved some of the problems related to servers completely dropping off. Problems remain on servers with high utilization. The server will drop the network connection no error indicated on the network switch Cisco 2950. The server does not record a BSOD although if I log in as an admin at the console the login indicates an unexpected shutdown. Looking at the logs there are no indications of error prior to the crash. The servers are rebooted daily.
    This error is present with or without the 91222 patch.

    Same Adapter Same os Same Server type of Dell Server 1955 running the Dell/broadcom 4/07 code no TOE is stable.

    Dell has been very little help with this problem.

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    Re: TCP Stack Failure Broadcom 5708c TOE SNP

    Are you using any sort of teaming or truncking ?
    You might also want to disable auto-negotiation on the relevant ports on the switch and th eservers.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: TCP Stack Failure Broadcom 5708c TOE SNP

      No teaming no trunking. Switch interfaces show no resets crc's or other problems.