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DNS doesn't resolve long URL.

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  • DNS doesn't resolve long URL.

    Recently, we have noticed when users are visiting a website where the url is extra long (e.g. theyíll get a page canít be display or if you click on link to be redirected. At time they can reselect the link in the address bar and hit enter again, you can access the page, but that doesnít always resolve the issue. It appears it has something to do with our internal DNS server resolving these addresses.

    In addition, there uses to be tons of error messages in the DNS Event Viewer log, I cleared the log, and since then it doesnít log anything (except stop and start DNS services). Therefore, we canít monitor the problem with the URL pages users arenít able to display.

    If you have any idea, please share with me.


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    Re: DNS doesn't resolve long URL.

    Did you try to enter forwarder from your ISP?


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      Re: DNS doesn't resolve long URL.

      DNS will not resolve more then
      Any other options behind are a kind of subfolders.

      You need to tell more about you're setup, including proxyserver, firewalls, DNS settings etc.
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