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Removing the primary server

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  • Removing the primary server

    I used to have a PC acting as a server in my network. Then i installed an additional server (HP ml350) and replicate the active directory and actaully have them work together. Now, however, i got another one (the same) to replase the firs one (PC). I need to now exactly the steps i have to follow from installing the new one and removing the other, or vise versa, to do it the right way.
    Please i need an experienced advice.

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    Re: Removing the primary server

    There is little factual information in that post so this answer will be based on a few assumptions.

    DC1 (PC to be removed)
    DC2 (ML350)
    DC3 (ML350).

    Install Active Directory onto DC2 and DC3. So you then end up with 3 Domain Controllers.

    You then need to move all FSMO roles from DC1 to the other 2. Assuming this is a single domain and the forest root domain, there are 5 FSMO roles you need to move.

    I'm not going to type everything up as Daniel has already done that

    Once you have moved all the roles from DC1, rerun DCPROMO on DC1 and choose to remove the server (do not choose "this is the last domain controller in this domain").


    Job Done.

    * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"