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Offline file access over slow WAN links

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  • Offline file access over slow WAN links

    We are currently running a Domain with 14 sites across the country with
    a little over 200 employees. They are all connected via dedicated
    various broadband connections. The servers are all running Server 2003
    SP1. All clients are using XP SP2 with all recent updates.

    We currently have group policy redirecting the user's "My
    Documents" folder back to the a users share. This is working great
    with the exception of about 30 users who travel to other offices quite
    frequently. When they are in those offices they are having a difficult
    time accessing their "My Documents" because it is trying to use the
    copy on their home server instead of the local copy on their laptops.
    It is taking quite a long time across the WAN links and the users are
    becoming very frustrated with this for obvious reasons.

    I've looked into a couple of settings within group policies to see if
    there is anyway we can force the laptop to go into "Offline" mode
    and only use the local copy of "My Docs" instead of going across
    the WAN to access them.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to get to successfully work.

    Is there any way to resolve this so that the users go offline when on
    different sites?